Chhattisgarh State Open School

Mr Bhupesh Baghel
Honorable Chief Minister
Chhattisgarh Government

Mr Dr. Premasi Singh
Honorable School Education Minister
Chhattisgarh Government

Mr Gaurav Dwivedi (Bhaskar Singh)

Professor V.K. Goyal
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High School and Higher Secondary Opportunity Examination August 2019 TIME TABLE
Opportunity Examination Form of the High School and Higher Secondary Exam-Sep-2011 Examination for Students with Disabilities from Chhattisgarh State Open School.

(Deadline to complete the form 24/06/2019)
» Application forms for the failed students from other boards August-September-2015
» Format of application form for change of subject
Main / Opportunity test March-April 2019 Application for Retotling
» C.G.Madhya. For the failure of the disadvantaged students to be included in the examination under the Open School Credit Scheme
» High school question paper blueprints
» Higher Secondary Question Paper Blueprint ।
» RIOS by Chhattisgarh State Open School Office of the affiliation office 101 / Vidya / 2015 was canceled under Raipur dated 09.05.2015 ।
» Instructions for Study Center Incharge for High School / Higher Secondary Examination March-April 2016
» Updated information on learning centers
» Evaluation of answer books Order to increase the amount of honorarium / remuneration
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In Chhattisgarh "The goal of education for all" Keeping in view the requirement of alternative education system for achieving, Chhattisgarh Establishment of Chhattisgarh State Open School in the year 2008, according to the decision taken by the government. done . At present, the office of this institution is located near UCO Bank, Secondary Education Board Complex, Pension Bada, Raipur, from where the entire section of Chhattisgarh has disbursed the class to the class Through personal contact programs by entering the 10th and 12th class Education will be given. Examinations will be conducted in the month of August - January and February - July twice in a year. The students Can provide maximum nine opportunities to pass the examination in five years intervals is . Chhattisgarh State Open School, other recognized societies under the credit scheme / Eligible students of other State Open schools also passed the examination